Swimming Pool Maintenance

Do you want a serene and beautiful surrounding outside of your home or office or any other commercial project? Are you looking for the best swimming pool building and maintenance company? We are here to offer you exceptional services for Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai and all over UAE.

We Design & Build and also provide services for Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai and all over UAE without compromise. We are specialists in residential and commercial Swimming Pool construction, Swimming Pool maintenance, and pool repair and servicing in UAE. We work closely with clients and architects, discuss the pool concept, agree every detail of the project, and provide precise costs for all components. This approach ensures that we deliver exactly what is required at the agreed budget. Every pool we build receives the same individual care and attention and is built to the very highest standard. Through our dedicated approach and technical expertise we are confident that we can offer you a superior Swimming Pool construction and maintenance service in Dubai and all over UAE.

Our unique experience in advanced composites and tiling work has enabled us to design and manufacture extremely reliable and innovative swimming pools. Our swimming pools require minimum installation time.

Tiles add immense beauty and allure to swimming pools, they are usually made of glass or ceramic and come in a variety of colors and features like anti-slip, ant-dirt etc. Our long lasting tiling technology along with our fiber glass swimming pool shell give a mesmerizing finish to every swimming pool we construct.

Under swimming pool maintenance and construction we cover the following services:

• Designing swimming pool structure.
• Tiling work for swimming pool.
• Vacuum the pool interior.
• Brush the pool walls.
•Test and accordingly adjust the chemical properties of the pool water to international standards for recreational swimming pools.
• Supply all necessary chemicals for the above.
• Maintain filter pressure to type and size (sand filter, DE filter) and backwash accordingly.
• Once a week will check the water quality of the pool.

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