Road Blockers & Tyre Shredders

Red Arrow Technical Services LLC is well recognized as Road Blocker and Tyre Shredder Suppliers in Dubai and all over UAE. We keep in mind the requirements of our clients and hence offer both hydraulic or electromechanical versions of Road Blockers and Tyre Shredders.

Both models are fitted with high performing mechanism and require low maintenance. The hydraulic road blocker/tyre shredder stores energy and builds a reserve of up to 3 cycles in case of power failure. And are designed for maximum perimeter security.


– Mex Blocking Wedge
– Wedge Holding Base
– Ms Under Ground Casing
– Hydraulic Power unit (HPU)
– Anti-Slip Ms Plate
– Front Conver Skirt
– White /Yellow / Red Diagonal Strips / Drain
– Electrical Control unit Section
– Hpu/ Ecu mounting platform
– Status Signal
– Cabling Exit Plug

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