Fixed and Rising Bollards

Red Arrow is one of the best Fixed and Rising Parking Bollards Suppliers in Dubai and whole UAE with a wide rang of bollards in different designs and according to our clients needs. By design, bollards create visible barriers to direct traffic and pedestrians. Bollards can also be manufactured and installed to provide high-impact protection from vehicle collisions. Use bollards to complement existing signage or other means of traffic control.

Our Bollards are ideal for parking lots and street areas. Un-guarded walkways and building entrances can leave pedestrians vulnerable to accidents. Bollards can also protect costly parking infrastructure—such as ticket machines, officer booths and mechanical security gates—or other site furnishings, green spaces, exposed utilities and loading areas.

Bollards provide varying degrees of security and impact resistance depending on their material and mounting type. Embedded steel pipe bollards provide impact resistance where required, while covers and other surface-mounted bollards improve aesthetics and visibility. Use steel pipe security bollards with a range of cover options for maximum protection and visual aesthetics. Removable, retractable and collapsible bollards are also available for regulating vehicle access.

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