Electromechanical Services

Red Arrow is providing Electromechanical services in Dubai and all over UAE. We deal in Automatic Gates & Doors, Rolling Shutters, Rising Arm Barriers, Fixed and Rising Bollards, Parking Ticketing System, Road Blockers and Tyre Shredders, Reserved Parking Barriers, Parking Space Management System, Full Height Turnstiles, Tripod Turnstiles, Speed Lanes.

Rising Arm Barriers

Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C carries a wide assortment of short to medium-length barriers (3 – 7,5m). Delivery to our customers can be carried out within a few hours and installation can take place on very short notice. This range includes high speed rising barriers for a very high traffic volume, such as toll roads and parking barriers (opening time in 1,3 sec). These barriers are operated by the latest state of the art micro drive system and are the perfect choice to be integrated in any parking system. Security Barriers have a stronger mechanism and are fitted with anti-vandal (re-inforced) booms to better resist forced opening. The barriers can be fitted with an articulated portcullis, which will close access completely to both, vehicles and pedestrians. Our extra-long barriers (up to a length of 14m) are suitable for extensive use in industrial environments. The barriers can also be fitted with folding skirting to provide extended access control.

Fixed and Rising Bollards

Bollards present the optimal solution for communicating traffic flow expectations and ensuring that businesses and communities remain safe. Our bollards include a wide selection with different mechanisms and dimensions. Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C installs fixed, removable, semi-automatic and automatic bollards. This range also extends to high security (M30 or K12 rated) bollards.

Parking Ticketing System

From small or medium car parks to huge multi-story parking facilities with an extensive parking guidance system,Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C will offer the best suitable solution for our customers. All major technologies concerning data can be incorporated and all methods of payment and control can be applied. Many installations worldwide pay reference to the expertise and technology used, which are designed user friendly for customers and staff alike.

Road Blocker and Tyre Shredder

Road blockers and tyre shredders are available in hydraulic or electromechanical versions. Both models are fitted with high performing mechanism and require low maintenance. The hydraulic road blocker/tyre shredder stores energy and builds a reserve of up to 3 cycles in case of power failure.

Reserved Parking Barrier

Reserved Parking Barrier is a system for the automatic car parking space protector barrier which radio- controlled for individual parking spaces. Battery-operated, needs only to be fixed on the ground and it’s ready to use. Reserved Parking Barrier consists of a removable hoop-shaped bar attached to a base plate that is fixed on the ground. The whole unit is protected by a steel cover that covers all the system’s electronic and mechanical components as well as its4 attachment points.

Parking Space Management System

Get started and gain momentum: With Parking Space Management system you can develop your parking facility. Harness our seamless interplay between hardware, software and web-based services for your success. Barrier gates, parking columns,tickets, POS and automatic payment machines provide you with reliable and future-safe technology. It all comes together with parking space management that not only meets your immediate needs but brings your future plans to life. Perfectly aligned software opens up additional sales channels, taps into new customer circles and adds value to secure customer loyalty. Meanwhile customized services add value for clients without any additional effort and investments from you. Using tools for reporting and monitoring, you can keep an eye on every aspect of your parking assets anytime, anywhere. Respond quickly, act with foresight and implement decisions with confidence. Parking Management: for Parking Facility Operators, Airports, Shopping Centers, Cities & Municipalities as well as Hotels& Public Buildings. Let’s move in new directions together!

Automatic Gates

Choose from our wide range of swing or sliding gate operators, suitable for gates of residential villas, mansions,palaces as well as access to educational, commercial or industrial premises. Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C stocks products from all major manufacturers, as well as proposes and supplies tailor made solutions for your requirements. Currently we are able to automate sliding gates of up to a maximum weight of 4000kg and swing gates with leaves of up to 5m per leaf. Knowing the dimensions and the approximate weight of the gate and the material the gate is made of, is necessary in order to choose the ideal automation system.The motors are usually powered by 230V or 24Vdc, which due to the low voltage implementation guarantees a safe operation. Moreover, the 24Vdc power supply is recommended when an intensive use is necessary, which is mostly requested for commercial and industrial applications.

Automatic Doors

Malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, stores and office buildings, are all commonly associated with automatic doors. Automatic doors add convenience, cost savings and an enhanced sense of customer service in many other types of buildings as well. Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C offers a selected range of automation equipment covering all kinds of doors. We automate sliding,telescopic, folding and swing doors. Depending on our customer’s requirement, we offer the necessary control, safety, security and energy saving features to obtain optimised access facilities.

Full Height Turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles are ideal for enabling or blocking access, you can connect your turnstile simply with card readers and make it a part of a sophisticated access control system. Our turnstiles have a sturdy all around, anti climbing structure, which makes them easy to use security equipment. They come in galvanized steel and stainless steel finishes, which makes them extremely resistant to harsh environments.

Tripod Turnstiles

Made out stainless steel, almost unbreakable and very well suited for both, indoor as well as outdoor installations,tripod turnstiles provide restricted access to chosen areas. Tripods are easily and quickly installed to control access of the largest venues.

Speed Lanes

Public buildings, government or commercial offices, museums, banks, public transport such as train or metro stations and airports require reliable, secure and regulated access control. With the full support of our partners, Red Arrow is in a position to supply install and maintain even the most demanding systems.

Double Skin Aluminum Rolling Shutters

Double skin aluminum rolling shutter is designed for strength and security. The slats are cold rolled from 0.45mm thick aluminum coils and PU foam is injected during the forming process. The thermal insulation (polyurethane foam) inside the slats reduces heat and noise up to 95%. The curtain is made of interlocking curved aluminum slats (77mm) and is fitted with nylon end locks to prevent lateral movement and assist easy operation. For larger shutters Red Arrow will propose 1,3mm thick double skin aluminum shutter slats. These slats are tested to withstand wind forces of up to 1,75 Kpa and are suitable for shutters of up 30m² surface area. For all Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C shutters the aluminum hood will serve as protection for the rolled up curtain. Side tracks will guide the curtain and provide stable movement. Several springs are used to counter-balance the shutter curtain and the brackets are bolted to the building structure. Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C rolling shutters can be delivered in all standard RAL colors. Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C extruded and/or cold formed shutter curtains are all installed with built-into-the-shaft tubular motors, photocells and pneumatic edges. Smaller extruded slats, insulated and non-insulated can be used for specific requirements.

Fire Resistant Aluminum Rolling Shutters

In order to provide a complete range of shutters Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C collaborates with some of the leading shutter producers in the UK and US. The fire resistant shutters are mostly single skin GI slats, with side motors, the thickness of the slats depends on the size of the required shutter as well as the length of time, e.g. 1 or 2 or 4 hours of required fire resistance. These shutters are complete solutions and the test results are based on following the technical instructions and design of the manufacturer, therefore strict guidelines have to be applied.

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