Automatic Doors

Red Arrow Technical Services LLC is one of the preferred Automatic Doors Suppliers in Dubai and whole UAE. Our automatic Sliding, telescopic, swing and revolving doors offer many ways to improve and secure accessibility, safety and convenience in any building and for the commercial, industrial and disabled market.

Our Automatic Doors are designed to ensure a smooth, safe and seamless two-way flow of people and goods into and out of all types of buildings. First impressions are important, and customizing your doors with our extensive range of bespoke and durable finishes enhances the attractiveness of your building to ensure that your first impression is always a positive one.

We understand the need for innovative automatic doors design and manufacture capable of standing the rigors and constant demands of public access, whether in a residential, medical, educational, commercial or retail environment. In all of our automatic doors solutions, we focus on safety, durability and eco-efficiency, without compromising on reliable operation and stylish design, to find the perfect solution for every building.

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