Aluminium Fabrication

Red Arrow is providing services for Aluminium fabrication in Dubai and all over UAE. We do all type of Aluminium work with maximum satisfaction of clients! Installation of Aluminium and glazed structures and decorative metal work.

Red Arrow Technical Services proudly presents the substantial contribution as the largest architectural and a market leader in building enveloping and glazing contractor, glass and Aluminium fabrication in Dubai and all over UAE. We focused on most sophisticated and modern specialized Aluminium architectural products and on providing the clients with the best in engineering solution, design, manufacturing and installation of all types of facade system. We always urge for the diversification and having a well equipped within workshop supported by a well versed team of related highly skilled worker, we provide our customers with the ultimate and most aesthetically outshining.

Our Aluminium Services Include:

Doors and Windows
Curtain Walls
Partition Walls
Skylights and Domes
Automatic Doors Systems
Aluminum Cladding
Structural Double Glazing
Glass Works

For every project, the designers illustrate their proficiency and undertake the responsibility to ensure that all materials they specify meet both economic and technical requirements. We provide every project the finest and most optimal engineering technology.

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