About Us

Mission Statement

Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C is committed to provide their customers with the latest and the most suitable services for their requirements.


Our products meet the requirements of the present and are a stepping stone into the future .


Our products are tested by manufacturers and international accredited institutes to ensure their suitability and performance .


Our products perform to their highest international safety standards.


Our products are certified by recognized independent testing authorities.


Our products come with manufacturer’s and installer’s warranty as well as a minimum of one year maintenance guarantee.

The Environment

Our products, services and work places reflect our duty to conserve, respect, and protect the environment .

Our Employees

The diversity and involvement of our people is the foundation of our strength. Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C is committed to effective selection, development, motivation and recognition.

Health and Safety

Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C is committed to implement safe working procedures in order to secure the health and safety of our employees and visitors.

Quality Policy

Red Arrow Technical Services L.L.C is engaged in given services. Our policy is to identify the needs of our customers and satisfy them by our quality products and services delivered on time, in conformance of their requirements, through professionally trained employees.